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ROG Ally 100 FPS Fortnite battle Royale - No Build Gameplay & Best Settings

So I finally got around to testing out Fortnite officially on the ROG Ally, which is the Z1 extreme model. With the deal that is on right now, picking this up for around $500 is an absolute bargain.

The best settings that I discovered were with the 30-watt plugged-in mode. We were getting over 100 watts very consistently, and this played fantastically well. I did need to drop it down to 720 and medium preset with a few tweaks on DirectX 12. The only real tweak here is that the anti-aliasing and super resolution mode rather than auto or recommended, I did preset that to medium, and that minimized the ghosting effects or any issues with TSR upscaling. So make sure that that's on quality and medium as well as everything else on the medium preset.

At 720p, you're going to be pushing 90 to 100 frames per second for the most part in the lobby area. When we're diving out of the battle bus, it will dip down into the 80s and 90s temporarily, but after that, you are pretty much solidly at around 100 frames per second. The only thing that I will note, especially for Fortnite, is that the sticks on the ROG Ally are too loose. You really are going to have to tweak your sensitivity to get the most out of this. It's probably going to take a few practice runs to get that just about right.

I am not a controller person at the best of times, especially for first-person shooters, but it was very unforgiving on the ROG Ally with those very loose sticks. The variable refresh rate screen in the 120 Hz is definitely going to help you with that advantage. As long as you do have it in 120 Hz mode on the Ally, then you're going to have a pretty good time on this one.

Overall, this is playing fantastically well, and it's definitely going to help you get that advantage. Let us know in the comments below if you're going to be diving in on this one or whether you've got some different settings you've been running on the Ally to get closer to that 90 frames per second at 1080p.


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