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Lossless Scaling Gives Frame Generation in ANY Game - Legion Go, Steam Deck & MSI Claw

Looking to boost your FPS? In this post, I will be providing a comprehensive review of the Lossless Scaling app, which is a tool that gamers use to generate frames and boost their FPS. The app is available for purchase on Steam at a cost of $7 and is compatible with all launchers, games, and emulation.

The Lossless Scaling app has several options to choose from, including scaling mode, aspect ratio scaling type and more. You can also choose to draw FPS, which is particularly useful since MSI After Burner won't pick up additional FPS created by the app. The hotkey for scaling is Control + Alt + S, and you can change other options if needed.

I tested the app on a range of devices such as the Steam Deck, MSI Claw, and Legion Go. When using the Steam Deck, frame generation is the best way to get some kind of frame generation, since AMD does not support frame generation driver-side.

However, the app works better on the Legion Go and Z1 extreme devices due to their higher base FPS. When using Lossless Scaling with these devices, the FPS is doubled, providing a much cleaner and smoother experience with less latency, ghosting, and smearing.

One of the standout features of the Lossless Scaling app is its ability to work well with emulation. I tested it on emulation and found that it worked brilliantly, providing a smoother and more immersive experience.

Overall, the Lossless Scaling app has a lot of potential and is an excellent tool for gamers looking to improve their FPS. However, the success of the app depends on several factors, such as the game, base FPS, and device. When using it on games with 30 FPS or higher FPS, the app works exceptionally well, but on games with lower FPS, there may be some smearing and ghosting.

The latest update, 2.7.2, fixed several issues such as ghosting and stability, making the app more reliable and user-friendly. It is an affordable way to get frame generation and is a useful tool for gamers looking to improve their gaming experience.


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