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UGreen 6-in-1 Steam Deck Dock [Sponsored]

UGreen 6-in-1 Steam Deck Dock is the first dock we've used with a usable USB-C port

  • Fits with Case

  • Usable USB-C port

  • Side USB-A

  • Slight vent blocking

  • Tight fit for all cables

  • Dock connector is a little difficult to remove

The UGREEN 6-in-1 Steam Deck dock is a great size and is made of a nice brushed Aluminium with a decent amount of silicone pads to prevent your Steam Deck from getting scratched.

Get the Dock here:

Ugreen steam deck hub(UK): (15% off)

Ugreen steam deck hub(US):

Ugreen Gaming Week:

It has great connectivity which is as follows:

  • HDMI - 4K 60Hz, up to 240Hz refresh rate at 1080P, 144Hz at 2K resolution

  • Gigabit Ethernet port

  • 100W USB-C PD

  • USB-C data port and dual USB-A ports at speeds up to 5 Gbps, with one USB-A side mounted

The dock connector is deep enough not to worry if you have a case that doesn't have a cutout and fits tightly into the Steam Deck top USB-C, however, it's a bit on the short side so removal is a little tricky as you have to grip the sides of the connector tightly. No Rear right angle connector makes the connector lead bow slightly and not sit flat when disconnected, which is the same as all of the Docks we have seen so far.

The side-mounted USB-A is perfect for connecting a wired controller or any device that you want in front of the Steam Deck and Dock, as there is not wire trailing around the other cables at the back.

The only downside to the dock, is like many others, there is a small amount of vent blocking on the rear intake, this is mitigated slightly by the silicon padding at the back, but due the angle of a naked Steam Deck in the dock, it's still got a 1/4 blocking. This is significantly better if the Steam deck is in a case however, as the Steam Deck sits at a shallower angle and the case provides a bit of extra space around the vent allowing more air in.

The dock does have great heat dissipation though, the dock was one of the coolest after gaming for an hour or two whereas other docks would get fairly hot.

We tested the dock fully loaded at 4K 60hz forced and 1280x800 upscaled to 4K without any issues to the output resolution, audio quality or disconnects.

Ugreen has always provided quality products, we were already using several of their cables and their USB-C M2 SSD external drive holder before they offered us the Steam Deck dock, and the dock lives up to the quality. We hope to see more accessories for the Steam Deck in the future.

Get the Dock here:

Ugreen steam deck hub(UK): (15% off)

Ugreen steam deck hub(US):

Also be sure to check out the Ugreen Gaming week for more deals

Ugreen Gaming Week:

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