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JSAUX Travel Dock / Mini Dock / Review

Is a charger dock worth the saving of space or is it just not worth it?

  • Compact Design

  • Replace the need for a separate charger cable

  • If close to the screen and power it's perfect

  • US plug only

  • Only 1 USB port

  • Will likely need a controller as well

Let's talk about the portability of docks, we all know things like the Steam Deck Dock from JSAUX or the official dock from Valve are not the most portable things in the world especially when you will need a whole host of other things like the charger and the HDMI cable or display port depending on what your connection is but that's not the only issue with the portability if you're going to have it docked and you're not at home especially you're probably not going to have a desk and you're probably also going to want to take something like one of your favorite controllers to make life a lot easier when you're playing on a bigger screen.

What if you could shrink that down and replace something big and bulky like a normal dock with something much slimmer that also replaces the need for the full charger, although you will need another USB-C cable still to connect to the dock.

The mini dock does have a fold-down plug so it does make it Ultra-portable however this is only available for the US market right (EU Version now available) so some portability is lost somewhat if you're in the UK because you're going to need something like a travel adapter which is most likely going to be the same size as the mini dock.

The main problem is what accompanies things like the dock, this is all well and good if you just want to be able to plug it into a screen and charge and you are literally sat on top of your screen but if you are wanting to play at a distance like I said you're going to want that controller and other things.

The mini-dock and required cables do fit snugly into the JSAUX case however if you are going to take a controller with you, you are going to have another bag anyway, so you may as well just chuck the normal dock and charging cable in there too.

Does the mini dock fit your needs? Get it here:

JSAUX Travel Dock/Charger:

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