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ROG Ally Bios 333 Released - ROG Ally News

It's exciting times as we've just received a new BIOS update along with an Armory Crate update. However, there's a bit of a twist this time around – we're in the dark about what exactly has been improved or changed with this new BIOS.

Nonetheless, I wanted to share this news with you all and let you know that the update is available for download through MyASUS, and thankfully, it seems to be downloading without any hitches.

I've already taken the plunge and updated my BIOS. Currently, I'm in the midst of testing it out. Rest assured, a dedicated video is in the pipeline where I'll showcase any new improvements as soon as we get our hands on the change log and understand what this update entails.

For now, the primary reason for this update is to keep you all in the loop. And from what I've observed and what others on Reddit have mentioned, there appears to be a noticeable performance enhancement in some games. People are claiming a boost of around 4 to 5 FPS, but of course, I'm going to run some tests myself to confirm these claims.

As for the Armory Crate, I'm also putting that through its paces. So far, there haven't been any major changes or significant differences that I've come across, but I'm still exploring and will keep you updated.

I'm eager to hear from you guys too. Have you noticed any differences after updating to the BIOS 333?

Any changes with the Armory Crate update?

Do share your experiences in the comments so that our community can benefit from your insights.

On another note, some users on Reddit have reported a decrease in coil noise and quieter fan operation post-update. I'm planning to verify these claims with some tests and will report back with my findings.

Lastly, a little note to Asus: It would be incredibly helpful if future BIOS releases could come with a change log. It's not the first time we're left guessing about the changes brought by an update.


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