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Lenovo Legion Go News - v1.0.2.7 & latest Roadmap update

It's Friday, and as usual, we're diving into the latest Lenovo Legion Go update.

This week, we're covering recent changes and giving a peek into the roadmap ahead.

Firstly, version, initially a beta that leaked, has now been superseded by the officially released version. If you haven't updated your Legion space yet, now's the time to reboot and get on board.

This update integrates driver and BIOS updates. While it's still an opt-in feature, the updates will be accessible via Legion space.

The customizable fan curves are a significant enhancement, allowing for more personalized cooling management. Additionally, you can now set controller sleep durations and FPS limits – a fix to the inaccuracies reported in the beta versions. Although the recommended FPS limits are in place, you might need to reset your AMD adrenaline profile if they aren't applying.

Other updates include adjustments for left and right trigger dead zones and the ability to reset dead zone and response curves to their default settings. Not to forget, you can now toggle LED lights on the power button for that extra flair.

The software now supports eight new languages: Croatian, Danish, Finnish, Greek, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, and Ukrainian.

As for the FPS limiter, while it's working, further tweaks are on the horizon. Lenovo is keen on community feedback, so make sure to report any issues on the forums.

Regarding BIOS version 29, ensure your battery is above 50% before updating. The update process might appear slow, and the system may seem unresponsive, but patience is key here. If the system goes to sleep, a simple press of the power button should do the trick.

The custom TDP adjustment remains a work in progress, with one fix implemented but not yet perfect. Lenovo acknowledges the challenges and is actively working on the remaining fixes for fuller control of the TDP range.

A beta driver has shown improvements for those affected by the SD card stutter, with more updates expected. Check the forums for more details and try the beta if you haven't already.

AMD's fluid motion frame support is still under development, with no ETA yet, but Lenovo understands its importance.

For users experiencing fan whine issues, replacement options are being considered, though no official stance is available yet. If you're facing controller wobble, reaching out to the service department is recommended.

Lastly, Lenovo is unable to replicate the reported left speaker noise issue. If you're experiencing this, your feedback could be vital.

The current priority list includes fixing the custom TDP, improving key mapping and gyro support, introducing battery charge limiting, and adding more TDP controls. While there's no firm timeline, these are high on the agenda.

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