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Legion Space v1.0.25 Update Brings Button Switch, Joystick Dead Zone and response curves and more

Updated: Jan 9

The latest update of Legion Space, version 1.025, is now available, bringing a host of anticipated changes and improvements. To access this update, you'll need to restart Legion Space by either force closing it, or rebooting your Legion Go.

You will know if the update is working as you will get a controller firmware update during the installation process. If you've disabled Legion Space from booting up automatically, you'll need to manually launch it to initiate the update. In cases where this doesn't trigger the update, try restarting your Legion and then opening Legion Space.

This update addresses several key issues and introduces new features:

Quick Menu Input Fix

A significant improvement is a fix to the quick menu issue. Previously, having the quick menu open would still control the game. This update finally fixes this, allowing you to navigate the quick menu without controlling the game.

New Shortcuts

They've added an Alt+F4 shortcut to the quick menu, enabling users to quickly exit applications or games.

Xbox Button Implementation

The Xbox button functionality has been maintained as the original Legion Space key plus a right stick click. This remains unchanged even if the button assignments are swapped.

Switch Button Layout

The update includes a new switch button layout option, finally allowing you to swtich the start and select buttons to be in a more natural location, similar to other devices.

Dead Zone Joystick Controls

The dead zone controls are now available in the Legion Space settings, which is a long awaited feature. Deadzones can now be set as low as 1%.

Adjust Joystick Sensitivity

Response curves have been implemented for Joysticks also, catering to users who require fine-tuning in this area, but not someting we usually mess with.

Lighting Controls

Previously, adjusting lighting controls didn't work. This update brings fully functional lighting controls, allowing users to adjust brightness, select dynamic colors, and control the speed of lighting effects.

This update marks a significant improvement in the overall functionality and user experience of Legion Space.

As always, we will keep you updated on any additional changes that that come up as they happen.

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