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Hades 2 Steam Deck Gameplay and Performance

Hades 2 Stealth dropped into Early Access and has certainly captured the attention of gamers worldwide. It immediately made the top of the Most Played charts, and it's not hard to see why.

Hades 2, which had Verified status prior to its release, has made significant improvements in performance and gameplay over the original.

Initially, I felt that the game appeared pretty dull as Hades was super bright and colorful. However, after adjusting the brightness settings to about 60%, the visuals popped again despite the lack of HDR support at launch, which I hope to see updated soon.

On the performance front, Hades 2 runs seamlessly at 120 frames per second on an external monitor, even on the highest settings. This is also super stable, much better than the original, so you are not going to have an issue with keeping the max FPS on the OLED or LCD Steam Deck, and it seems other players agree, with over 100,000 daily active users and nearly 5,000 overwhelmingly positive reviews on its first day.

Hades 2 is also impressively efficient in terms of battery life. Running on an OLED deck, you can expect about 5 to 6 hours of gameplay, while the LCD variant provides around 3 to 4 hours—a testament to the game's optimization.

Overall, Hades 2 already feels like a polished game and could have easily launched without early access. The ongoing development promises even more features, hopefully including HDR support soon.


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