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Guide for Epic Games via Junk-Store on the Steam Deck

Updated: May 5

While it's neither as long nor at the same scale as the DC/Marvel rivalry, there is rivalry between Steam and Epic.

So, if they are rivals, how could Steam Deck allow you to play Epic Games? It's not unusual for even rival studios and businesses to offer each other's products when it's mutually beneficial, and it's usually achieved through a deal. That's not the case here. The reason you can play Epic Games on Steam Deck is its flexible, PC-like nature and the presence of launchers like Junk-Store.

What are Decky Loader and Junk-Store?

The first thing you should know about both Decky Loader and Junk-Store is that neither of them are standard Steam releases. They are third-party products/software that you can download and install on your Steam Deck. But if they are not maintained and endorsed by Steam or Valve, any problems they may create in your handheld are your responsibility. That said, most of these are tested thoroughly before launch and are usually stable and sound software products.

So Decky Loader is a plug-in launcher (open-source) that allows you to install and launch a wide range of plug-ins on your Steam Deck that may help you enhance its experience and functionality. There are plug-ins that allow you to change its display, plug-ins that inform you which games may or may not run on Steam Deck, and a number of other things.

One of the plug-ins available on Decky Loader is Junk-Store. It was launched on April 29th, 2024, and it allows you to download, install, and play games from the Epic Games store on your Steam Deck. It doesn't allow you to play all games, and some, like Destiny 2 and Fortnite, are still not accessible, but most are.

How To Download Titles From Epic Games On Your Steam Deck Using Junk-Store

The steps/instructions below are for SteamOS, so if you are running Windows, you will need to restart the device and restart SteamOS. Decky Loader and most of the extensions on there are created for Linux, and even though many of them may work if you are running Windows as well, they do not work seamlessly, and they may require additional steps and installations.

The most significant prerequisite to installing and running games from the Epic Games Store via Junk-Store on your Steam deck is to install Decky Loader. That will provide you access to the Junk-Store plug-in.

Installing Junk-Store


One thing that sets Junk-Store apart from other Epic Games launchers is that it's designed to work within the Steam Deck's game mode. You can find it on Decky Loader while in the game mode by simply searching for the term and installing Junk-Store. Once installed, you can access it via Decky Loader, and there are just two options - Games and About, which also serves as its de facto settings tab.


Enter the About Section, select "Dependencies" from the options on the left, and press "Install Dependencies." If it gives an error in the first go, try again. Once it's done, you will have the option to Install Proton Easy Anti Cheat and BattleEye Runtime. Both of them are Linux-based runtimes endorsed by Steam and may be required to run certain games.

Then exit the About tab and enter Games.

Sign in to the Epic Games Store


Once you are in the game menu, you will be able to log in to Epic. Or if you already have games downloaded, you would be able to see them here. The Epic Games Store login can go one of two ways:

  • If you are logging in with an ID and password directly, you will be able to do it in Game mode, including 2FA (if prompted).

  • If you want to login using a third-party account like your Google credentials, you will leave the game mode and continue the login process in Desktop mode.

For most users, especially the ones logging in to their Epic Games Store account from Junk-Store, the process will go smoothly. But in some cases, especially if you have previously installed and deleted Junk-Store, you may receive an error.

You can follow the online guides that describe the error and its resolution in a more comprehensive manner if needed. However, in most cases, you would be able to resolve the issue by following these simple steps:

● Copy this command as is, and paste it onto the Konsole.

flatpak run com.github.derrod.legendary auth --disable-webview

● Execute the command. That would lead you to a new online window.

● Copy the complete content within that window. It’s just two lines of command and execute it in the Konsole.

For most people, this would take care of the login issue. But if you are still seeing it, you should look into other Epic Games Store login solutions online.

Run A game

Once you are logged in, you can search for the games you want, download and install them. You may even be able to run most of them directly, but some, like the Fall Guys game, may give you an error. It’s usually the “files missing” error but you might get something different.

From then on, the "fix" would be more game-oriented than Junk-Store-oriented.

Some games might run if you simply toggle on the right runtime (Easy Anti-Cheat, BattleEye, etc.). For others, you may need to run some executables. Junk-Store allows you to do that in-game, but you can also do it on a desktop. When you run the game again, it may download some new dependencies, but once the right fix is applied, you should be able to play the game.

Optional - Join them on Discord

You can join the development team and community on Discord (via the About section), where you may get useful information about fixes, patches, and what new games might be available via the Junk-Store. Also, there are some features of Junk-Store that you may only get access to if you are in a certain Patreon tier, so consider joining them and supporting them on Patreon as well.

Final Words

The setup, especially if you have to run multiple fixes to run the games you want, may seem a bit daunting, but it's definitely worth it. You can play your favorite Epic Game titles on your Steam Deck, and the performance is usually seamless. Although Junk-Store is not the only launcher that may allow you to do that, it may be considered one of the best, if not the best.


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