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Level up your Deck with Decky Loader

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Decky Loader is an open-source project written in Python with the goal of adding plugin-loading capabilities to the Steam Deck. After installing, plugins can be accessed using a plugins tab in the quick access menu.

Decky Loader has a new installer making it easier than ever to install on Steam Deck from Desktop mode

You Can now install It from the download link on their github here:

If you have forgotten your Sudo password, not to worry, we have a guide for that here:

Once you have installed Decky you can get to the Decky loader menu by pressing the ... menu in game mode and go to the market/shop icon to install the best plugins.

Our Recommended Plug-Ins are:

  • Free Games

  • Share Deck-y

  • Steam Grid DB

  • How Long To Beat

  • Proton DB Badges

  • Animation Changer

  • Pause Games

  • Vibrant Deck

  • Decky Recorder

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