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GE-Proton8-24 Released

We've been treated to another Glorious Eggroll release this time, GE-Proont8-24 with the following highlights:

  • Protonfix for Fable III

  • Yakuza 5 cutscenes fixed (thanks NishiyamaPedro)

  • Farlight 84 fixes updated (thanks OOOOOF123)

  • Added D8VK to proton for DirectX 8 games. Disabled by default, you need to use PROTON_ENABLE_D8VK=1 to use it. (thanks loathingKernel)

  • Enabled vc1image,mpeg1video,mp2 decoders in ffmpeg for Crimson Skies (thanks loathingKernel)

  • Enabled indeo5, adpcm_ms decoders in ffmpeg for Mafia (thanks loathingKernel)

  • Fixed github actions (thanks loathingKernel)

  • imported upstream VR changes

  • imported upstream steam client changes

  • imported upstream Resident Evil 2,3,7,8, Hogwarts Legacy nvapi overrides

  • imported upstream Hogwarts Legacy AMD AGS override

For the full release notes, check out the GitHub here


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