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Awesome Indies for the Steam Deck in the Steam Autumn Sale

There are still a few days left of the Autumn Steam sale, and by popular request, I've put together an awesome list of Indie games that are perfect on the Steam Deck and ON SALE!



Trapped in an endless cycle of death and rebirth, it’s down to you to free the world from this terrible fate and reach the origin of your anguish.

Use devastating combos and brutal executions to smite the hordes of grotesque monsters and titanic bosses, all ready to rip you limb from limb.

Dead Cells


The progressive exploration of an interconnected world, with the replayability of a rogue-lite and the adrenaline-pumping threat of permadeath mixed with Tough but fair combat, more than 150 weapons and spells with unique gameplay, and of course, the emergency panic roll to get you out of trouble.

Hollow Knight


A classically styled 2D action adventure across a vast interconnected world. Explore twisting caverns, ancient cities and deadly wastes; battle tainted creatures and befriend bizarre bugs to solve ancient mysteries at the kingdom's heart.



The year is 2030. In a world where corporations rule and the lines between reality and performance are blurred, the public are kept distracted by the violence and excess of a brutal new blood sport, do you have what it takes to become the Rollerdrome champion?



Explore and unravel the mysteries in the depths of the Blue Hole by day and run a successful exotic sushi restaurant by night.

It’s extremely easy to get hooked on the gameplay loop and try not to get eaten by the sharks.

Neon White


You play as an assassin plucked from Hell to compete with other demon slayers for a shot at redemption. Collect “Soul Cards” to attack your foes or discard them to use unique movement abilities. Compete for the best times by cleverly combining cards to discover massive shortcuts.

Stardew Valley


Turn your overgrown field into a lively farm! Raise animals, grow crops, start an orchard, craft useful machines, and more! You'll have plenty of space to create the farm of your dreams. With over 30 unique characters living in Stardew Valley, you won't have a problem finding new friends!

Project Zomboid


An open-ended zombie-infested sandbox. It asks one simple question – how will you die?

Survivors must loot houses, build defences and do their utmost to delay their inevitable death day by day. No help is coming your continued survival relies on their own cunning, luck and ability to evade a relentless horde.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2


A 4-player co-op action game set in the Warhammer Fantasy Battles world.

Our five heroes have returned to take on an even greater threat than before – the combined forces of a ruinous Chaos army and the swarming Skaven horde. The only thing standing between utter defeat and victory is you and your allies. If you fall - so too will the Empire.

Shadows of Doubt


Set in an alternate reality in the hyper-industrialized 1980s. Think like a detective and use a variety of gadgets as a private investigator, gathering evidence and making money by solving cases, Play your own way in a fully simulated world with hundreds of citizens.

Vampire Survivors


A time survival game with minimalistic gameplay and roguelite elements.

Hell is empty, the devils are here, and there's no place to run or hide. All you can do is survive as long as you can until death inevitably puts an end to your struggles. Now with local co-op for up to 4 players!

The Darkside Detective


Grab your trench coat, tune your sixth sense and join the Darkside Division as they investigate the outright bizarre, the downright dangerous and the confusing cases of Twin Lakes. Flesh-hungry tentacles, mafian zombies, and the occasional missing sock are no match for The Darkside Detective.

Bright Memory: Infinite


A strange phenomenon for which scientists can find no explanation has occurred in the skies around the world. Combining FPS and action genres to deliver a high-octane experience. Mix and match available skills and abilities to unleash magnificient combos on your enemies.

Not For Broadcast


Where you get to decide what’s fit for broadcast on the nightly news. Pick the most exciting [or scandalous] camera angles, bleep the swears and determine which ads to run to keep the sponsors happy. No pressure, right?

Tribes of Midgard


Travel across procedurally generated worlds to harvest resources, gather loot, craft powerful Weapons, level up, and chase chickens in the most colorful Ragnarök you’ve ever seen! Descending from Valhalla, you start with nothing but a loincloth and a save the world attitude.



Lost, alone and separated from family, a stray cat must untangle an ancient mystery to escape a long-forgotten city.

Be stealthy, nimble, silly, and sometimes as annoying as possible with the strange inhabitants of this mysterious world.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps


The little spirit Ori is no stranger to peril, but when a fateful flight puts the owlet Ku in harm’s way, it will take more than bravery to bring a family back together, heal a broken land, and discover Ori’s true destiny.

Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun


Play a battle-hardened Space Marine on a perilous mission across the galaxy, as they battle against the Chaos Space Marines and daemons of Chaos.

In glorious boomer shooter style, unleash your devastating Space Marine arsenal as you blast through an explosion of sprites, pixels and blood.

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun


Take control of a team of deadly specialists and sneak in the shadows between dozens of enemies. Choose your approach when infiltrating mighty castles, snowy mountain monastery, or hidden forest camps.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator


Be the leader of red and blue wobblers from ancient lands, spooky places, and fantasy worlds. Watch them fight in simulations made with the wobbliest physics system ever created.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth


A randomly generated action RPG shooter with heavy Rogue-like elements. Players will find bizarre treasures that change Isaac’s form giving him superhuman abilities and enabling him to fight off droves of mysterious creatures, discover secrets and fight his way to safety.

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