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Nov 21, Steam Deck Beta, Steam Client update

The Steam Deck beta and preview channels have been updated with the following changes for the Steam Client.


  • Fixed several layout regressions in the quick access menu, eula dialogs, and game achievements page

Steam Input

  • Fixed some controllers unable to pass the Stationary Tolerances manual calibration phase.

  • Fixed occasional "jerks" in "Gyro To..." conversion modes that used the gravity axis (i.e. Player Space, World Space, Laser Pointer modes)

  • Improved Gyro to Joystick Deflection mode's low level noise.

  • Reinstated horizontal haptics for all new "Gyro To..." modes.

  • Fixed UI: order of Steam Deck Gyro's Calibration readings.

There were some changes for VR also that are not relevant on the Steam Deck.

You can follow Steam updates here

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