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Auto VRAM & More, Legion Go News & Roadmap Update - Jan 5

Happy New Year, Legions! In our latest Friday update, we're diving into some exciting developments from Lenovo, although specific release dates remain under wraps.

Let's talk about the next BIOS update, version 29. A standout feature here is the introduction of the 'Auto VRAM' option, commonly referred to as 'the buffer'. This addition aims to alleviate the hassle of manually changing the VRAM for games requiring it. Additionally, the update enhances the custom fan table interface, paving the way for smoother future updates. While this update won't offer direct user access to new features, it lays the groundwork for upcoming enhancements, including charge limiting and security updates. The focus on user-demanded features like charge limiting and Auto VRAM illustrates Lenovo's commitment to addressing community needs.

Shifting gears to the Legion Space update, version promises an integration of driver and BIOS updates, streamlining the process through the Legion Space platform. This update will also introduce an FPS limiter, Dead Zone settings for the left and right triggers, and custom fan curve settings. An essential addition is the 'restore option' for the current Dead Zone settings. Another user-centric feature is the option to disable the power button LED, which tends to flash noticeably in standby mode. Also on the roadmap are settings to adjust controller sleep duration, key customization, mapping, and more nuanced left and right trigger threshold adjustments. However, the timeline for these features remains unspecified.

Lenovo is also actively addressing a couple of notable issues. One is the SD reader stuttering problem, which affects game performance when run from SD cards. A big shoutout to beta tester Ghost Fellow for their invaluable assistance in troubleshooting this issue. For those interested in becoming a Lenovo Legion tester, keep an eye on their Discord Channel for opportunities.

In the realm of software, Lenovo's R&D team is evaluating the latest driver from Realtek, promising updates as soon as more information is available.

For users in the US and Canada, warranty upgrades are now accessible via the support site

Additionally, plans are underway for accidental damage protection offerings.

Lastly, the team acknowledges ongoing challenges with custom TDP settings in certain scenarios.

They are actively collaborating with users to pinpoint and resolve these issues. If you're experiencing custom TDP problems, don't hesitate to reach out on the Discord or through the forum for assistance.

That wraps up this week's update! We're curious to hear if you snagged a Legion this Christmas or what games have been keeping you entertained over the holidays.

You can catch the Legion Go updates directly on ther forums here

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