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Ark: Survival Ascended is a no go for Steam Deck

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

UPDATE: October 27 - BattleEye has been enabled for the Steam Deck in the latest patch notes and we will take a look and post a new article if it is running on deck

There will be no Survival Ascended on the Steam Deck for the time being, while the game installs and runs, you immediately start hitting Anti-Cheat issues if you try to join any servers with either a random time out issue or a straight up kick error.

Officially Ark: Survival Ascended is Unknown on the Steam Deck compatibility at time of release so its no surprise it has issues.

If you do manage to join a non-dedicated server (unofficial servers also kick with the error above) then you will get stuck at the character creation screen with unresponsive inputs

As Ark: Survival Evovled is fully funtional we can only hope that we will see the same from Ark: Survival Ascended in the near future.

We have tested on Stock Proton, Proton Experimental, GE-Proton8-21 all producing the same issues.

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