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XDefiant beta is off to a rocky start but looks Promising on Steam Deck

The XDefiant closed beta had a very rocky start everywhere with a lot of users not being able to get into matches and crashing when they did.

A few patches later and the game seems to be performing as it was intended and it's running very well, except for Steam Deck, Steam OS...

While the game runs through the Ubisoft Connect app on Steam OS just fine, as soon as you a match begins, you are ejected to the lobby with a DELTA-09 error, which we are assuming is some kind of Battle-Eye error.

We hope that the game comes to Steam OS via the Steam Store so it can make use of the Proton Battle Eye files on Steam Deck, this is the same system that The Division 2 uses, and that works on the Steam Version, but not the Ubisoft Connect version.

It's not all doom and gloom though, XDefiant actually runs incredibly well on the Steam Deck running Windows 10.

This shows that if the game comes to Steam, this could be one of the best-running Free to Play FPS titles to hit the Steam Deck.

Just be sure to turn off DirectX 12 rendering otherwise it will reboot the Steam Deck and mostly medium settings gave us an almost perfect 60 FPS through.

It's worth noting that we did also have the UMA buffer set at 4GB as well which generally makes games on Windows (and third-party launchers on Steam OS) run better

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