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Steam Deck Client Update: January 11th

Updated: Jan 12

Valve Just launched a Steam Deck Client update for the Stable channel. Here are all the changes and fixes that come with this new update.


  • Reduce the amount of black screen flashes that happen when opening the Steam interface while playing a game with a custom screen refresh rate setting.

  • Replaced Nearest scaling mode with Pixel, a pseudo-bandlimited filter for upscaling pixel art to non-integer factors without introducing aliasing. Integer scale factors will still be Nearest.

  • Fixed "Friends who Play" section not refreshing until the client was restarted

  • Fixed a crash in "Call of Duty: Black Ops III" when switching maps.

  • Fixed situations causing the Steam client to only download the Windows version of a title and later attempting to run it without Proton.

  • Reset the HDR Visualization setting to None for all users.

  • Moved the HDR Visualization setting from Display->Advanced to Developer settings.

  • Adjusted the recent games page header so that it's visible when changing selection.

  • Fixed left trackpad haptics triggering at wrong pressure for Steam Deck OLED.

  • Fix "View Additional Artwork" button not properly showing content on soundtrack details pages.

Steam Workshop

  • Re-designed the Workshop subscriptions list (accessible from Game Properties). It now includes the ability to sort by subscription date, last updated, size, name, and load order.

  • Added ability to change the local load order of Workshop item subscriptions.

  • Added ability to set the local order based on any Workshop item dependencies (must be set on the Workshop items themselves).

  • Added ability to disable Workshop item subscriptions, which will hide them from the game.

  • Added the ability to filter the Workshop subscriptions list by tag name. Use the same search field for filtering items by name.

  • Show the name of the Workshop item being download in the game's tooltip on the Downloads page.

  • Added functionality that allows swapping the items in your subscription list quickly using collections:

  • Added ability to save the filtered list of items to a new or existing Workshop collection. This will overwrite the contents of the collection with the contents of the list.

  • Added ability to overwrite the user's subscription list to just the contents of a Workshop collection.

  • Added ability to add items from a collection to the user's subscription list.

Steam Cloud

  • Fix uploading for some apps which have a very large number of files

  • Fix sync for some apps which store files in the Windows user home directory

Steam Input

  • Fixed a crash related to non-Steam Shortcuts

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