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V Rising 1.0 Steam Deck Performance & Best Settings

V Rising finally got it's official 1.0 release and we thought it would be betst to take another look on the Steam Deck since we last looked at it in Early Access.

Surprisingly, it's even toppled Hades 2 with almost 90% positive ratings. Peaking at over 130,000 players this weekend, it's certainly running much better on the Steam Deck compared to its Early Access phase.

With our recommended settings, you can achieve a smooth 40 to 50 frames per second with crystal-clear visuals. On the OLED screen, the game pulls around 22 watts, meaning around 2.5 to 3 hours of battery life, and around 2 hours on the LCD. Even during intense fights, the frame rate holds steady at 45 to 50 fps.

Best Settings

Start with the medium graphics preset and make the following adjustments:

  • Set texture quality and visual effects quality to high

  • SMAA anti-aliasing

  • Disable FPS limits in menus and in-game

  • Turn off motion blur and depth of field

  • Keep cloth quality and cloth update rate on high

  • If screen shake bothers you, reduce it

For the LCD screen, cap the frame rate and refresh rate at 40 fps, and for the OLED, cap both at 45 fps. This adjustment helps increase battery life and ensures a smooth experience.

Steam OS 3.6

I originally started my testing on the Steam OS 3.6 preview but encountered issues with performance dips and when connected to an external monitor the controller scheme kept switching between controller and keyboard making it impossible play.

I didn't encounter the same issues on the Stable channel, and performance actually seemed better, so best to stick with the stable channel for now.

While testing, I played offline to avoid PVP interruptions. However, I experienced no issues during a quick test on multiplayer servers. If you're planning to dive back into V Rising, especially on the Steam Deck, you can expect a great experience with our recommended settings.


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