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Steam Deck OLED Announced

Valve just announced the OLED Steam Deck available from November 16, 2023

The Steam Deck OLED, comes in 2 models, similar to the predecessor

The Steam Deck OLED model offers several upgrades:

  • Display: Enhanced HDR OLED display with better contrast, clarity, and color rendition.

  • Battery Life and WiFi: Improved battery life (30-50% more) and faster WiFi 6E.

  • Design and Weight: (640g) Lighter and cooler with a redesigned thermal system.

  • Carrying Case: Exclusive case with removable liner for 1TB models.

  • Touchscreen and Bluetooth: Enhanced touchscreen responsiveness and dedicated Bluetooth antenna.

  • Repair and Modding: More repair-friendly design with Torx™ screws.

  • Internal Upgrades: Updated APU, memory, WiFi/Bluetooth modules, and improved display refresh rate and brightness.

  • Sound and Connectivity: Improved sound profile and connectivity features.

  • Controls and Interaction: Refined analog sticks, buttons, D-pad, and trackpad for better user experience.

  • Battery and Charging: Increased battery capacity with faster charging.

  • Overall Design Improvements: Reduced weight, improved bumper switch mechanism, and design modifications for durability and ease of repair.

These updates aim to enhance the gaming experience, focusing on display quality, battery life, usability, and overall device performance.


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