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Nov 6, Steam Deck Beta Client Update

The Steam Deck beta and Preview channels got an update last night with the following highlights:

  • Fixed visual glitches when dismissing a context menu in main BPM UI while a game is running

  • Adjusted size/layout of the controller support information section in the configurator

  • Fixed the "Enable Steam Input" button not being shown on Deck when manually opting controllers out of Steam Input

  • Default shortcuts into Steam Input in the new PlayStation controller support mode instead of requiring each one to be manually opted in.

Preview Channel Only

  • Unified the Refresh Rate and Framerate Limit settings in the Performance tab into a single slider. Using a single slider will enable the system to pick options that were previously not exposed, e.g. frame tripling a 20FPS game to display it on a 60Hz screen.

  • Added a toggle to opt-out of the unified refresh rate slider to Settings->Display->Advanced.

You can follow the steam updates directly here

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