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Steam Deck Beta Update - August 7th

Valve recently rolled out updates for the Steam Client Beta and Steam Deck Beta channels to enhance controller functionality. Though small, these changes address important issues.

Steam Client Beta Update (August 7th)

The Steam Client Beta received an update with the following fix:

  • Fixed touchpad input when using Victrix and Qanba PS4/PS5 arcade sticks

  • Fixed controller buttons being stuck down

This solves a problem with touchpads on select arcade sticks, making them fully operational again.

Full notes here and here

Steam Deck Beta Update (August 3rd)

The Steam Deck Beta channel got an update as well, with the following change:

  • Fixed LED indicators and rumble for PS4 controllers connected via Bluetooth

This ensures PS4 controllers paired over Bluetooth work properly with rumble and LEDs on Steam Deck. Full notes here.

Though not major updates, it's good to see Valve continuing to refine Steam Input and address controller compatibility problems. Support for niche devices like arcade sticks is much appreciated too.

Have you tried out these beta updates? Let us know if you notice any differences with your controllers after updating!


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