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New ROG Ally Graphics Driver, FC24 Fix, FSR 3 &AFMF AMD Motion Fluid Frames

We have a massive ROG Ally news update for you today and I'm pleased to share some that there is a new driver release that resolves issues with the trial version of FC24 and significantly enhances gaming performance, as well as looking at the new FSR 3 implementation that was added to Modern Warfare 3 today and the effect of AMD Motion Fluid Frames (AFMF) on FC24 and MW3.

Firstly, the new driver update finally fixes the FC24 trial version. However, a key point to note is that when running this from big picture mode, it might appear unresponsive. The workaround is simple: avoid using Big Picture Mode due to compatibility issues with the FC24 launcher.

As well as fixing FC24, the update addresses a bug concerning Bluetooth headphones audio turning on and off when the ROG Allly is connected to an external monitor. This fix, along with the BIOS update discussed last week, should soon be included in an official AC update. But if you want to get the new graphics driver early, you can get it here.

Now, let's delve into the gaming performance. With the new driver, FC24 runs smoothly on the auto preset. The gameplay maintains a steady 60 frames per second (fps), occasionally dipping below 50 fps but with no major issues in cutscenes.

The real game-changer is AMD's Motion Fluid Frames technology. When enabled with the AMD preview driver ( ), it remarkably boosts FC24 to 120 fps, offering an incredibly smooth experience, especially on the ROG Ally screen directly.

Modern Warfare 3 also received a major upgrade with the official implementation of FSR 3. Running the game on the ROG Ally in 30W mode, combined with AMD's Motion Fluid Frames and FSR 3 Quality mode with Frame-Gen, pushes it to an astounding 180 fps. However, this setup does introduce some stutter and input latency, especially during fast movements.

In my experience, using a mouse and keyboard with the ROG Ally, the latency from AMD's Motion Fluid Frames, coupled with that from my capture card, was noticeable. Despite smoother moments, the overall experience was better with Motion Fluid Frames turned off. At 900p with the recommended quality preset and the 30W turbo mode plugged into power, the gameplay was much more stable, hovering around 130 fps with frame times of 7-8 milliseconds. (ROG Ally running Bios 336, 6G Frame Buffer, FSR Quality with Frame Generation on in-game)

We look forward to the official updates, but here's everything you need if you want to dive in early.

ROG Ally latest Graphics Driver - here.

AMD Motion Fluid Frames guide for ROG Ally here

How to install and restore AMD drivers on the ROG Ally - here

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