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Mar 7 - 11 - Steam Deck Beta Client Updates

The Preview and Beta Channels got a minor update today addressing an issue with the earlier introduced Horizon Reset functionality and other minor issues below, including the March 7 & 8 updates as well as they were small additions


  • Fixed a bug that prevented the framerate limiter from applying changes.

  • Fixed screenshots not including Steam user interface elements.

  • Added an option to Settings->In Game to hide Steam user interface elements from screenshots.

  • Fix an error when launching some games that were introduced in the previous beta

  • Made taking screenshots more responsive.

  • Modified CSS class names to reduce package size and reduce feature leaks

  • Fixed the on-screen keyboard disappearing if the Cangjie input method was selected.

  • Fixed the on-screen keyboard predictions misbehaving for Japanese, Chinese, and Korean languages.

Remote Play

  • Fixed a rare crash when starting a streaming session.

Desktop Mode

  • If a game fails to update, show why on the details page as well as the downloads page.

Steam Input

  • Fixed swapped A/B buttons when using Nintendo GameCube controllers

  • Reset Camera Horizon: Increase maximum delay to allow for a more consistent behavior on lower/less consistent frame rates.

  • Fixed the D-pad not responding on some controllers.

  • New: "Reset to Horizon" action (found in "Mouse" action tab): This helper can reset your camera to the horizon by sending 180 degrees down, and then 90 degrees up after a very short delay. This action can be bound to any activator slot. It is complementary to Gyro to Mouse mode and re-uses the "Dots Per 360" value - if this value is calibrated correctly for in-game angles, then the "Reset to Horizon" action should snap your view to the horizon. For games that do not allow the camera to rotate all the way to the ground (e.g., Helldivers 2), there is a tunable "Horizon Reset Angle". The Delay is also tunable - increase the value if you end up looking at the floor or ceiling.

You can follow the Steam Deck client updates directly here


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