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Lenovo Legion Community Update: Improvements in VGA Drivers, BIOS, and More

In a recent update by Lenovo Legion, the company has provided insights into various ongoing developments and improvements for their gaming laptops. The update covers several areas, including VGA drivers, BIOS releases, deadzone management, key mapping, and miscellaneous enhancements. Here's a summary of the key points:

VGA Drivers

Lenovo is actively addressing concerns regarding the timing of VGA driver deliveries. Due to differences in release processes, the China site may receive drivers a few days before the North America site. Users seeking the latest VGA drivers are advised to check the China site first.

An upcoming VGA driver update is expected next week, undergoing internal testing, and is nearly ready for release. Lenovo is working to enhance release timing and improve driver delivery.

A Space update at the end of December aims to streamline OTA driver updates directly into Space, reducing lead time for users.

BIOS Updates

The next BIOS release, expected early next week, includes fixes for SD Reader issues related to sleep and stability. The team is also targeting a fix for Custom TDP settings in the next 1-2 releases.

Users are reminded to use only BIOS versions officially sourced from Lenovo to avoid potential risks.

Deadzone Management

Lenovo acknowledges user concerns about deadzone management and has raised it to a top priority. Originally planned for the end of December, efforts are being made to expedite this update to the end of November.

The software team is collaborating with the controller vendor to fine-tune and stabilize deadzone management.

Key Mapping

Discussions are ongoing internally to provide users with maximum key mapping functionality. A hotkey for the Xbox button is planned for the next Space release at the end of November.

Efforts are underway to implement game minimization/closure and increase customizability of all buttons.

Miscellaneous Updates

The VGA driver released on 11/5 addresses left speaker interference issues reported by some users.

Users experiencing fan or coil whine issues are encouraged to contact Lenovo's Service department for resolution.

Custom fan curve and FPS limiter features are planned for the end of December update, with settings ranging from 30 to 144.

Various improvements, including addressing Native Portrait display compatibility issues and external monitor rotation issues, are in progress.

Desktop mode is in development, with an estimated release at the end of January.

Additional features such as the ability to turn off the power button light and improvements to the "Apply Game Profile" are expected in future updates.

Lenovo expresses gratitude for the community's support and feedback, emphasizing their commitment to addressing user concerns and continuously improving the gaming experience on Legion devices.


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