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Legion Go News: Bios V31 Is Here, Legion Go Accessories, and more!

It's that time of the week again where we dive into the latest happenings in the Lenovo Go world. Today, I've got some fun updates to share with you, courtesy of Ben on Reddit. Let's break it down:

First up, we've got the v31 beta BIOS. This update is set to replace the 29.1 version soon, and it's packed with some neat improvements. Notably, it keeps the TDP fixed, fixes auto-brightness functionality, and adds some solid options like allowing device power-on when connecting to a power source. Plus, there are more warnings during BIOS updates to keep you informed. Great news!

In an older video, we talked about ways to enhance your audio experience on the Lenovo Legion Go, and there's a link provided for those interested. Additionally, there's a mention of crackling sounds reported in the left speakers, which Lenovo is actively investigating as shown in the video!

Unfortunately, there's no update on the VGA and AFM drivers, but Lenovo reassures that they're still in the works - see video for more info! As for future priorities, Lenovo is focusing on various enhancements, including charge limiting, UI overhauls, and custom TDP implementation per game profiles.

They're also teasing new Legion Go accessories coming in around the middle of 2024, which is great for fans! Personally, I'm hoping for an attachable keyboard akin to the Surface Pro — great for on the go!


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