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NEW Legion Space UPDATE For The Lenovo Legion Go!

I have super exciting news for you all! We have a new Legion Go space update that's going to bring some amazing new features. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to get this update on Legion Go yet, but I'll break down what this new update will bring, and we'll showcase it as soon as it becomes available.

Firstly, with the new Settings Center, added game button config for controller supporting combo key mapping, users can now create exclusive key mapping templates to set up personalized key mapping.

Also, there is general optimized battery charging when enabled power charging protection will not exceed 80%. The right menu system has quick sentence add alt and escape shortcut support and windows switching. You can view local install driver list support and silent installation of drivers.

Additionally, there is optimized FPS limited support and long press operation under the controller. The resolution scaling RSR is optimized, reminding of the limitation when both FPS limited and RSR are enabled simultaneously. The left and right controller plug and unplug status prompt messages are optimized, and the account login method has been adjusted to redirect to the system browser for login. Once the update is officially released, we'll update you here showcasing all these changes.


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