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Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The Game - Steam Deck Gameplay & Best Settings

After trying Killer Klowns from Outer Space prior to its launch on the Steam Deck, I’m a bit surprised that the game is officially marked as "Unsupported." Even with the default settings, you can enjoy the good graphics it provides. With a few tweaks, you'll have the best gaming experience possible and absolutely no reason this shouldn't have playable status.

Unique Gameplay

When you die in this game, it’s not the end because you can help your teammate and even yourself to get weapons or abilities by playing a mini game before you respawn. Whether you are a clown or human, you need to work together and use every available means to survive and win the game.

Default Settings

The Steam Deck's default settings on this game are mostly low-quality graphics, with TAUU anti-aliasing which doesn't actually look too bad. FSR2, however, makes the game appear sharper, but the overall graphic quality isn't particularly appealing. FPS drops do happen on a few occasions, especially in busy scenes when you start fighting your enemies. At demanding scenes, you can expect the game to run around 30-40 frames per second. There is no noticeable issue during the cutscenes, even though you can only get as low as 40 fps, which is still good enough.

When you turn on FSR 2.2, the graphics look terrible. You should avoid using this setting because it doesn’t seem to work well with this type of graphic style. Of course, you can occasionally get higher frame rates (which could reach up to 70), but it costs you the graphics display, which is not worth sacrificing. The low graphics and FSR 2.2 on this game make it an unimpressive combination.

Best Settings

The following is the recommended setting for playing Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The Game on Steam Deck:

  • Texture quality: High

  • Effect quality: Medium

  • Post-process quality: Medium

  • Shadow quality: Medium

  • Foliage quality: Medium

  • Shading quality: Low

  • View Distance: Near

  • Resolution scale: 100%

  • Motion blur: Off

  • Upscaling method: TAAU. You also can try FSR2.2 to see if you like the graphics. Otherwise, TAAU is still recommended.

  • FSR2 quality: Quality

With the above graphic settings, you can play the game at 40-50 fps most of the time, with very satisfying results. You can definitely enjoy the game more because the cutscenes are remarkable. This is a balanced setting that allows you to enjoy the smooth gameplay while not having to sacrifice the visuals.

More importantly, the battery consumption for this setting sits around 22 Watt. This allows you to play on battery for 2-3 hours on OLED or 1-1.5 hours on the LCD.

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