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Jedi Survivor Patch 4 Makes Steam Deck Performance Worse

Usually, we would give video coverage of a performance update, but unfortunately, the experience is so much worse on Steam Deck after the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Patch 4 that it's just not worth it.

The Start screen still can't hold 30 FPS on the lowest settings

Inside the outpost, it only just about manages 30 FPS standing still

However, as soon as you enter the outside world of Koboh it plummets again and that's stood still.

Running around and trying to fight in the open world regularly dips under 20 FPS and is a terrible experience

We will keep an eye out for more patches and test again, but right now, it's worse than it was before the patch.

We have tried Standard Proton, Proton Experimental and GE-Proton8-2 all with the same results.


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