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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has a rough Start on Steam Deck

We woke up early this morning to get testing the new Star Wars Jedi: Survivor game on Steam Deck that we pre-loaded on the EA App (guide here).

UPDATED 28/04/2023 16:30 with Steam Deck Gameplay and overall video

However, even on the Preview Steam OS build which has the updated Star Wars Jedi: Survivor graphics driver. Performance is still rough.

Low settings, AMD FSR 2.0 Quality mode

On the lowest graphics settings and FS2 on Quality, or Performance, it doesn't make a lot of difference, if any

While this is a disappointment, it was to be expected with what we saw in the early reviews

Low settings, AMD FSR 2.0 Performance mode

Low settings, AMD FSR 2.0 Quality mode
Low settings, AMD FSR 2.0 Quality mode

So it's not off to a great start and with consistent frame drops under 20 FPS and barely above 24 FPS, we can't recommend this at the moment. We will check the Steam version as well and update, but with EA Play Pro at £90 for the year and Jedi: Survivor at £60 for the base version, it's not worth it at the moment.


Lee Burston
Lee Burston

Played this on proton experimental and on medium settings plays fine so far, playing out of the box without the proton settings and it rebooted my deck.


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