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Goodbye Steam Deck Gaming, Hello Games In Hand

It's not all bad news, in fact, it shouldn't be seen as bad news at all, first of all what's going on?

Steam Deck Gaming Ltd has changed name, so it is now Games In Hand Ltd.

It is a UK Ltd company that keeps everything in order across YouTube, socials, and our website.

What's changing?

First of all, just the company name has changed, the main YouTube channel is not changing at this time, although we may look at rebranding under the name Deck in Hand or something in future, but that is all.

Why the change?

We have struggled for some time to shake the notion of being officially affiliated with Steam over our naming, and also, as the Steam Deck is still a very small market segment, just having the name puts publishers and companies in a spin when speaking to us.

Also, Angel Star Studios took the domain and never relinquished it, despite many emails, meaning we had to resort to, which also caused a few problems.

A bigger part of the change, though, is because we have branched out to other handheld devices to expand our reach and also to be able to compare the Steam Deck with as the handheld market is exploding.

Lastly, YouTube is punishing multiple videos per day and variety content channels, so we are splitting things up so that people only get the content they want and YouTube doesn't suppress videos if we release ones for different devices close together.

What's Next?

You may have seen some new channels being shared recently, and also the team has doubled in size (it's now 2 people, Marchief and Ace).

Steam Deck Gaming - No Change to content plans as it currently stands, however the name may change in future.

Steam Deck Reviews & Tips - Main focus on quick news updates and tips to get the most our of your Steam Deck as well game deals.

Games In Hand - The primary focus is now Legion Go content but will also feature news on new products as they develop

Ally In Hand - The new home for all ROG Ally based content so that people can get the news and updates on the

Claw In Hand - This will be home to all the MSI Claw related news and testing as we learn more about the device and when the launch arrives.

We are focussing on the Steam Deck, ROG Ally, Legion Go, and MSI Claw as these are from hugely well-known manufacturers and have limited resources. The Release schedule for AYANEO and ONE-NETBOOK products is too much for us to handle currently, but we may look at devices occasionally and, if there is enough interest, start covering them more regularly.

Links in this article may link to a partner site we are affiliated with, if a purchase is made through one of our links we may get a small commission, we do not get any commission from the Steam Store, we also utilize some AI tools such as Grammarly and Chat-GPT to aid article creation however all source content is our won.

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