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GE-Proton8-4 Released

Glorious Eggroll has released another GE-Proton update with a tonne of fixes and a special note regarding Fall Guys.

For Fall Guys specifically:

When the Epic Online Services installer is running on a clean prefix, you must hit cancel on step 2/2, otherwise, Fall Guys will tell you the game is missing files and force you to exit.

Other changes in this update:

  • protonfixes: fix for Moero Chronicle (Thanks Kaedras and Snaggly)

  • protonfixes: fix for Shadows on the Vatican games (Thanks marianoag)

  • protonfixes: fix for The Blind Prophet (Thanks marianoag)

  • protonfixes: fix for Alter Ego (Thanks marianoag)

  • protonfixes: remove no longer needed fall guys workaround (Thanks Corben)

  • added fix for Northstar launch argument not working (Thanks Jan ValveSoftware#6555)

  • added upstream proton script changes

  • added upstream font changes

  • added upstream openxr changes

  • added upstream steam helper fixes

  • added upstream user_settings changes

  • updated wine to latest bleeding edge

  • updated dxvk to latest git

  • updated vkd3d-proton to latest git

  • updated dxvk-nvapi to latest release

You can see the full changes for GE-Proton on their GitHub here

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