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Street Fighter 6 works on Steam Deck, but needs Work

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

Street Fighter 6 launched with no Steam Deck Compatibility status, however, we are happy to report it is working, just not as well as we would like in some areas.

The Battle Hub and The Fighting Grounds are capable of holding 60 FPS happily on Low settings, however it comes apart in the World Tour mode, which is probably where a lot of people will spend a lot of their time, as this is Street Fighter 6's story mode.

The Steam Deck really struggles to hold 30+ FPS on low here and the fights slow down with the FPS, so if you do go as low as 30 FPS, then you will be fighting in slow motion.

We will keep an eye out for updates and also keep tweaking the settings to find the best mix for World Tour.


Turns out the World Tour FPS is separate from the rest of the game, who knew, its just 1 setting to change, you can see the impact in our video below

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