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Exoprimal: Suit Up and Save Humanity on Your Steam Deck

Attention, Steam Deck gamers! Exoprimal, the game that lets you don the most advanced exosuits and face off against prehistoric beasts, is roaring onto the Steam Deck. We've been testing our mettle against the dinosaur swarms, and we're thrilled to report that it's delivering a Jurassic-sized performance on the Steam Deck.

While we're already impressed by the game's performance, we're keeping our eyes on the horizon for further enhancements as the game evolves. Remember, even the most advanced exosuit can always use an upgrade.

The latest updates is like a well-timed meteor strike, delivering a host of improvements for the Deck that will make your journey through Exoprimal even more exhilarating..


  • Engage in online-only, team-based action game modes

  • Pilot cutting-edge exosuits against overwhelming dinosaur swarms

  • As we wrap up our initial exploration of Exoprimal on the Steam Deck, we can't help but feel a sense of anticipation for what's to come. A big salute to the developers for giving us Early Access and the opportunity to test out this prehistoric gem.

So, are you ready to take the exofighter aptitude test and join the ranks of Aibius's heroic pilots in their fight to stave off the extinction of the human race? The future is in your hands.

Shout out to Capcom for providing us with a ExoPrimal Deluxe Steam Key for so we could test this on the Steam Deck. Get your copy here.

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