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Trepang2: Unleash Your Inner Badass on Steam Deck

Steam Deck gamers, brace yourselves! Trepang2, the game that lets you embody the ultimate badass, blasted its way onto Steam Deck on June 21st. We've been flexing our supernatural abilities, and we're stoked to report that it's delivering a knockout punch on the Steam Deck.

We recommend checking out our best settings guide to ensure your rampage runs as smoothly as possible on the Steam Deck. While we're already impressed by the game's performance on the Steam Deck, we're keeping our eyes peeled for further patch updates as the game evolves.

The latest game is like a well-timed power punch, delivering some fun features that will make your journey through Trepang2 a joy on the Steam Deck. Highlights:

  • Engage in an explosive single-player story campaign

  • Unleash next-level superpowers

After our Trepang2 playthrough on the Steam Deck, we couldn't help but feel a sense of anticipation for what's to come from Trepang Studios. A big salute to the developers for putting together a fun shooter reminiscent of FEAR.

Grab your copy here.

⚠️ Warning:

Trepang2 features mature content. Expect first-person guns and melee attacks that leave bloody bullet holes on human enemies and blood splatter on nearby surfaces. Powerful weapons will often dismember enemies, (separating limbs from their bodies) or destroying their bodies entirely, leaving only bloody remains. Proceed with caution, and most importantly, enjoy the chaos!

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