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Diablo IV, Remnant 2, and More Steam Deck Performance

I recently compiled a Steam Deck performance roundup of some new game releases and requests, and I wanted to share my thoughts with you.

First up, we have Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles , a minimal game with moderate graphics. It runs smoothly on Mac settings with MSAA on high and offers HDR on the Steam Deck OLED. This game is a builder game where you can build your outpost for resources and protect them from pirates. The game also allows you to forge alliances with other factions. It runs at 60-100 FPS, depending on the area, and pulls around 22 watts. You can expect about 2-3 hours of gameplay on this one.

Next, we have Ario, a puzzle platformer that is running phenomenally well on the Steam Deck. It is visually stunning and runs at a solid 60-90 FPS, depending on the area. This game can be a bit tricky with some of its platform jumps, but it is still very enjoyable. It has a release date of the end of March, so keep your eye out on Steam for an official release.

The Saboteur is a highly requested game that requires a couple of tweaks to run well on the Steam Deck. You need to run it with the video settings option as you launch it and set it to 1280x720; otherwise, the refresh rate caps at 90 HZ on the OLED or 60 on the Steam Deck, and it just black screens. Once you've done the video setup, you can play the Saboteur on the highest graphic settings with no issues. It runs at a perfectly solid 60 FPS, with offline gameplay and no EA launcher. It's a great pick-up-and-play title on the Steam Deck.

Remnant 2 got a patch for FSR 3, which originally trashed the performance on the Steam Deck. However, they patched it again, and it's more viable now. If you want to play Remnant 2, you can run it at full screen 1280x800, but we recommend running it on low settings with an upscale of FSR 3 for better performance.

Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Clash doesn't actually have any real graphic options, but it runs at a solid 60 FPS without issue on the Steam Deck. The combat takes some getting used to, but it's still enjoyable. It's great to see it running perfectly well on the SE deck.

Bears in Space is a fast and frantic action game with an absolute carnival of monsters. It's perfect for those who enjoy Doom Eternal-style gameplay mixed with High on Life's comedy humor. You can't run it at the highest settings, but it runs smoothly on high resolution scale and medium on shadows and post-processing quality.

Finally, Diablo 4's season of the construct, which is season 3 content, has also added ray tracing support. It runs incredibly well on the Steam Deck, offering a consistent 50-60 FPS with dips to 40 in town. You can have HDR if you have the OLED, and the recommended settings are medium graphic settings with high texture quality, terrain geometry detail, and anti-aliasing quality. It's an absolute blast to play and runs almost stutter-free.


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