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Dec 8, Steam Deck Performance Round Up

Today, I'm thrilled to introduce a new series on our channel, focusing on quick updates for Steam Deck enthusiasts.

As you know, with the plethora of game updates and new game requests, it's challenging to cover each one in detail. This series will provide concise updates on game performance, particularly for the LCD and OLED models of the Steam Deck.

On the performance front, some new releases have had issues. For instance, "Sea of Thieves" with its Safeer Seas update is performing well on the Steam Deck, and if there's enough interest, I'll create a guide for optimal settings on both OLED and LCD versions. However, there's a glitch with the Xbox sign-in for "Sea of Thieves", requiring users to switch to desktop mode and potentially use an external keyboard for signing in. We've covered this workaround in our KDE desktop video, linked below should you need to use your phone as a bluetooth keyboard.

A notable disappointment has been "The Day Before", which I've refunded and do not recommend due to server and anti-cheat compatibility issues.

"The Finals", another surprise release, is currently unplayable on the Steam Deck due to launch errors. "Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora" technically runs but suffers from significant frame rate drops and frequent crashes.

For games not running smoothly on the Steam Deck, I recommend GeForce Now as a streaming alternative. It's a cost-effective solution for those without a powerful PC, though a stable internet connection is required. However, our primary focus remains on optimizing game performance on the Steam Deck itself.

I've been working on a detailed comparison of "Diablo 4" performance on the LCD and OLED Steam Decks, which is time-consuming but I believe it's worthwhile for such a significant title. I'm eager to hear which other games you'd like to see in-depth guides for.

Our community-focused approach extends to hosting a "7 Days to Die" server, accessible through our Discord. We're considering setting up similar servers for other games, particularly those requiring more mouse and keyboard input, to provide a better experience for Steam Deck users.

We're also preparing guides for XbPlay and updates for non-steam launchers, including Xbox Game Pass and PS+. Be aware that not all features work seamlessly, so stay tuned for detailed guides on these.

Finally, I'm aware some of our older game guides need updating, and we're working to address that in these quick update videos.

The recent Game Awards have brought exciting releases, though I'm concerned about their compatibility with the current Steam Deck hardware. I'm looking forward to seeing how upcoming games, especially those from Sega, perform on the Deck.

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