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Dead Island 2 - Steam Deck Gameplay - Epic Games Store

Dead Island 2 isn't available on Steam yet, no doubt it will be in the future, but fortunately, the Epic Games Store version runs just fine. Huge thanks to Deep Silver for providing us with a game key so we could cover this.

There is an issue regarding FMV's using the standard or Proton Experimental version, but they all work fine if you use GE-Proton7-55 (and may also be ok on lower GE versions as well)

On Medium settings the game looks absolutely gorgeous, however, it struggles to hold more than 40 FPS on Steam Deck

On Low settings, the game can mostly hold 60 FPS, but still has regular dips

While multiplayer is also working perfectly fine on Steam Deck, the FPS does suffer further and sits between 40 and 50 FPS most of the time even on low settings

While FSR 2 can get you a few more Frames, the graininess wasn't worth it in our experience

Our recommended settings for this one are:

  • Medium Preset

  • Low Screen Space Reflections

  • V-Sync on in-game

  • Steam Deck Refresh Rate capped at 40Hz

  • Motion Blur 0

No matter the settings, this game is pretty power-hungry on the Steam Deck so you are looking at 1.5 hours of battery, but likely less.

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Scott Jeslis
Scott Jeslis
Apr 21, 2023

So wonder if it’ll do better on Geforce Now on Steam Deck?


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