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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - Best Settings

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core graphics and performance are a lot better than we could have imagined, although on high settings it doesn't hold 60 frames per second all of the time it does hang up there for most of the time.

Hair has always been an issue for me in Final Fantasy games and this is no exception, on Medium the hair just looks absolutely horrible, whereas on High settings it looks as you would expect.

Medium will hold that 60 FPS for the most part but it still dips into those 50s across some of the special effects and with some of the loading spikes.

If we go to high and cap it to 40 hz with v-sync on it will stay perfectly steady and just look much nicer, the graphics are superb and overall the effects and the graphics of the background really pop and the hair actually looks normal.

Our best settings for this one is everything on high, v-sync on and cap the Steam Decks refresh rate at 40 Hertz and you will have a flawless experience that looks absolutely gorgeous and more importantly it will save a bit of that battery life as well you're really not going to notice the difference that much between the 60 FPS and 40 FPS but you will notice that huge difference in the graphics between medium and high.




RR Cap

Refresh Rate





Battery Life

Proton Version

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2 hours



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