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tomtoc Steam Deck Sling Bag and Slim case

*sponsored* tomtom Arccos Steam Deck Carrying case and the FancyCase Steam Deck case review

  • Carry Case fits all you need

  • Slim Case is perfect with the carry case

  • Both lightweight

  • The slim case could do with a padding option when no case on the deck

  • The Paddle Padding area in the carrying case could be smaller

Huge thanks to tomtoc for sponsoring our review of their Arccos Steam Deck Carrying case and the FacyCase Steam Deck case.


We have to admit, the idea of a slim case designed for taking a Steam Deck in a case, did seem like a strange concept at first, but actually, it makes a lot of sense, most users have some kind of case on their Steam Deck and are just looking for a bit of extra protection when they chuck in in a backpack or when not using it, as there is no front or paddle protection with most cases, the FancyCase is a perfect option.

The FancyCase is extremely lightweight and does a perfect job of giving that extra protection, although the crush protection above the screen could be a little better.

The only slight downer is for those that don't have a case on the deck yet, there is quite a lot of movement inside the case for the Steam Deck, while it shouldn't damage the Steam Deck in any way, it doesn't sound great rattling around.

All in all, the FancyCase is stylish and does a great job at being one of the slimmest cases on the market while providing a decent level of protection.

Arccos Steam Deck Bag

The Arccos Carrying bag may look small, but we managed to pack in everything we could think of needing while being out and about for an extended period.

We managed to fit in all this:

  • Steam Deck (in the FancyCase)

  • Official Steam Deck Dock

  • Official Steam Deck charger (UK plug)

  • 1.2M HDMI cable

  • A Power bank capable of charging the Steam Deck

  • Xbox Series X Controller

Considering the size of the bag at first glance, we were very impressed that it all fit in, even though it was a bit of a squeeze, meaning you had to be a little strategic in how you put the items in the bag, to make sure it all fit.

One of the big plusses with the Arccos bag, is the Steam Deck padding area, whether you Steam Deck is in a case, naked, or in the FancyCase, there is a huge padding section in front of where the screen goes and around the back paddles and Trigger meaning nothing short of a sledgehammer to the front of the bag or directly on top should damage the Steam Deck.

The Arccos bag also comes with a nice shoulder carrying strap and an easy carry handle.

As a Steam Deck carrying bag, we really can't fault it beyond the fact that the paddle padding area for the Steam Deck feels about twice the size it needs to be, making it slightly more tricky to squeeze all the items in above, than it needed to be.

If you want to pick up one of these items, check out the links below to Amazon or check out their website.

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