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Yet Another Zombie Suriviors feels alive on Steam Deck!

Yet Another Zombie Survivors, the top-down shooter that lets you mow down thousands of zombies, feels right at home on the Steam Deck. With simple yet addictive gameplay, you can jump right into blasting the undead hordes or deeply customize your squad for a strategic zombie-slaying session through perks, gear, and more.

Though Yet Another Zombie Survivors looks deceivingly simple, the horde mechanics and deep team customization options make for engaging gameplay. Tweaking some graphics settings as shown in our video can optimize it for the Steam Deck.

In Yet Another Zombie Survivors, a virus has turned most of humanity into zombies. But your squad is ready to take the fight to them! Control mercenaries armed to the teeth as you mow down thousands of zombies in this reverse bullet hell shooter. Pursue perks and upgrades to specialize your team or focus on your favorite character. Crank up the horde's strength as you ascend in power. It's addictive survivors-like gameplay with plenty of customization options to build your zombie-slaying dream team.


  • Simple yet strategic zombie horde shooter

  • Deeply customize your squad with perks, gear, and more

  • Addictive gameplay loop with plenty of options to evolve your team

Yet Another Zombie Survivors is a blast on the Steam Deck. With some quick tweaks, its pick-up-and-play undead-blasting action feels great whether you're playing portably or docked to your TV. If you're looking for an engaging zombie shooter to add to your Steam Deck library, this is it!

Get your own copy here.


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