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We Test Out 4 AAA Games Using AMD Motion Frames On The Rog Ally

We are diving into the exciting world of AMD's frame generation technology called AMD Fluid Motion Frames. We tested 4 different AAA games using the ROG Ally platform. This piece of tech has not yet been officially released by Asus and the ROG team, but what we've seen in our preview indicates it will be a significant leap in gaming performance and improve the Rogl Ally tremendously.

First, let's talk about "God of War" at 720p with medium settings. The gameplay is incredibly smooth, with hardly any ghosting or tearing, and consistently maintains an impressive 80 FPS. Even in intense combat scenes, the frame rate stays high, only occasionally dipping slightly. This performance stability truly enhances the gaming experience in one of my favorite titles.

Moving on to "Cyberpunk 2077", also set at 720p with medium graphics. Here, the frame generation tech shines even brighter. Normally, you'd expect around 50-65 FPS at these settings, but with AMD's technology, we saw it skyrocket to 80-90 FPS, even touching 100 at times. The difference is stark and tangible, especially when driving vehicles in-game; the high FPS count is maintained, making for a smoother experience.

The third game on our list is "Hogwarts Legacy" at 900p with medium settings. This game usually stutters a bit, but with AMD's fluid motion frame tech, it runs much smoother. The FPS easily reaches 80-100, which is a noticeable improvement. Though there are occasional hiccups, the overall experience is vastly enhanced, especially on the ROG Ally screen at 900p.

Lastly, we tested "Spider-Man Remastered" at 720p and medium settings. This game poses a unique challenge due to its fast-paced nature. While AMD's frame generation struggles slightly with maintaining high FPS during rapid movement, it still manages to surpass 60 FPS. In less action-packed scenes, the FPS can reach the high 60s and even 70s. It's a testament to the technology's versatility across different gaming scenarios.


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