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The Ultimate Steam Deck Gaming Companion App is now Available! SDG Companion v1.0!

Updated: 1 day ago

Today, I'm thrilled to announce something I've been working on in the background for over a year, a pipe dream that has finally been available for all to use thanks to the help of the developer of another app you may already know. Deck Filter!

v1.0 of the Steam Deck Gaming Companion (SDG Companion) is now available on both the iOS And Android App Stores as below:

The Dashboard is your custom home page where you can set all of the games you are interested in, as long as it is available on Steam.

The SDG Companion app was designed and built to quickly access all the information you are most interested in in a nice, simple format that was mobile friendly as I was constantly getting frustrated finding this information via "mobile friendly" websites, so as a start the following information is available for all Steam Games we know about:

  • Steam Deck Compatibility

  • Current Number of Players

  • Player Count Peak for the last 7 and 30 Days

  • Can it be played on GeForce NOW

  • Current Overall Rating

  • Positive Rating %

  • Total Number of Reviews

  • Game Synopsis

  • Game Screenshots

  • Game Videos

We also know players want to see what is popular across the globe, so we also have our Trending tab

We have preset filters that display the Top 100 games being played by current players with the following categories:

  • Steam Deck Compatible - Showing all games that have Steam Deck Verified or Steam Deck Verified Status

  • Steam Deck Verified - Only games that have Steam Deck Verified Status

  • Steam Deck Playable - Only games that have Steam Deck Playable Status

  • GeForceNOW Playable - Only Steam games that are supported on the GeForce NOW cloud gaming service

  • All - No filter, just the Top 100 most popular games based on current player counts

  • Recently Released - Games released in the Last 30 Days

We source all the data for the app ourselves using the Steam APIs or GeForce NOW APIs so we are not affiliates with Steam, Valve or any other similar sites that show this type of information.

UPDATE v1.1.0 released - May 14

We heard your feedback and have removed interstitial ads (full screen); banner ads will remain, but the in-app purchase to remove all ads will be available soon.

We also added easier ways to see your bookmarked games from the details screen and feedback when you add and remove them too!

Achievement counts are also now available on the game details page.

This is just the beginning for the app and we already have plans to add the following features:

  • User Compatibility Reviews - Similar to Proton DB, but much more straightforward and Steam Deck-specific

  • Compatibility Status Notifications - Get push notifications for games you are interested in when their Steam Deck compatibility status changes

  • How Long To Beat information - Main and Completionist times for supported games

To get early access to the latest features, check out our YouTube or Patreon Member Tier

We are of course, open to feedback and suggestions to make your SDG Companion app even more useful so feel free to email your suggestions to should you have something or drop it on our SDG Companion feedback channel on our Discord here

A huge thanks to Felix from Deck Filter for helping me get the app to a production-ready state and motivating me to get the app finished, be sure to check out the Deck Filter App here


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