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The Ultimate ROG Accessories Guide

This is the ultimate accessory guide for the ROG Ally. we are covering everything from chargers and powerbanks to AR glasses and gaming earbuds. If you own the ROG Ally this is an accessories guide that you wouldn't want to miss.

1.) First up, we have the Asus ROG 65 Watts Charger Dock, priced at $65. This dock is a versatile tool, supporting HDMI 2.0, USB Type A, and USB Type C. I find it extremely useful for recording game footage and projecting content from the ROG to a TV. It's a bit on the pricey side, but its performance justifies the cost.

2.) Next, let's talk about the Basues 30,000, 65 Watts Power Bank. This beast packs a 30,000 mAh battery, offers 65W fast charging, and comes with an intelligent LED display. At $80, it's a powerhouse for keeping your ROG charged on the go. You can find it here:

3.) For audio enthusiasts, the Asus ROG Cetra True Wireless In-Ear Gaming Earbuds are a great pick. Priced around $100 (with potential discounts down to $80), they offer excellent fit, surround sound, and compatibility with Armoury Crate. You can find it here:

4.) Expanding storage is crucial, and the WD 2TB Internal SSD is a reliable choice. With a typical price tag of $240 (often discounted to $220), it's a solid investment to bypass the micro SD card issues commonly faced by devices. you can find it here:

5.) The ROG XG Mobile eGPU Dock is an exciting addition, especially for those looking to enhance their gaming experience. With options like the Nvidia RTX 38 GPU, it enables high-performance gaming, comparable to a Nintendo Switch dock but with superior capabilities. You can find it here:

6.) For typing enthusiasts, the iClever Bluetooth Keyboard is a standout. This foldable, portable keyboard can connect to three devices simultaneously, making it incredibly versatile. It's easy to pair and offers a great typing experience. You can find it here:

7.) Gamers should consider the Asus ROG Raiki Pro Wireless Controller. Although priced at a premium $170, it offers a comfortable grip and a unique LCD screen, making it a great match for the ROG setup. You can find it here:

8.) In the realm of augmented reality, the Viture AR Glasses are a top pick. They offer an immersive experience, excellent quality, and privacy features that make them superior to many alternatives.

9.) For device protection, the JsauxMod Case is the best bet. It not only protects your device but also provides a comfortable grip and a handy kickstand. The cutouts are impressively precise, ensuring easy access to all necessary ports. You can find it here:

10.) If you prefer a lighter option, the Jasux Silicon Grip Protection is a great choice. It enhances comfort without adding bulk, making extended gaming sessions more enjoyable. You can find it here:

11.) For screen protection, the JX HD Tempered Glass Screen Protector is a no-brainer. At just $10, it's an affordable and effective way to safeguard your screen. You can find it here:

12.) Lastly, the Jsaux RGB Docking Station is an all-in-one solution for connectivity. This 12-in-1 docking station features dynamic RGB lighting, dual 4K 120Hz video output, and a 10Gbps data transfer rate, making it a top-notch choice for the ROG Ally. You can find it here:


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