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The Hottest Games to Play on Steam Deck: Must-Have Titles for Portable Gaming

Top Fantasy Games for Steam Deck Enthusiasts

Whether you're a fan of action, RPGs, adventure, or multiplayer fun, there's a game for every Steam Deck enthusiast.

With so many interesting games to play on Steam Deck, it might become hard to choose the best ones. Don’t worry! We have gathered up a list of the top-rated games to play on steam deck in 2023.

Status: Verified - Release Date: 15 November 2022 - Time To Beat: 15-24 hours - Active Players: 1.2K

Experience the Thrills of a Classic Adventure Game on Steam Deck

It’s a dramatic historical murder mystery set in a monastery in early 1500s Bavaria. As a player, you can rearrange different objects to uncover all the hidden mysteries and solve puzzles. In addition, you will find interesting fonts, stunning visuals, and an amazing historical setting. Although the game is inspired by a classic PC adventure game, you need to have a controller on the Steam Deck to play this game for a hassle-free experience.

Status: Verified - Release Date: 21 October 2022 - Time To Beat: 11-43 hours - Active Players: 77K

Engage in a Gripping Vampire Adventure on Steam Deck

Are you a fan of intense action, vampires, and deep narratives? If yes, it’s one of the most compulsive games to play on Steam Deck that has won the heart of many players. It’s packed with little secrets, achievements, and tasks that deepen the experience. You can choose arrow keywords or a controller joystick to move your character. You have to solve puzzles by checking your surroundings, finding clues, and using them to go further. Moreover, you have to manage your vampire abilities along with resources with the help of an in-game menu or inventory. You are free to make choices during the conversations to take the game to the next level. You will surely enjoy the hell-like dark visuals as a vampire.

Status: Not on Steam - Release Date: 18 November 2011 - Time To Beat: 69-520 hours - Active Players: 140M

Build Your Own Virtual World in Minecraft on Steam Deck

One of the top goals of Minecraft is to provide access to players in a virtual sandbox so that they can design their own virtual world. You can use materials, blocks, and other tools to build and survive. It comes with streamlined control features that are easy to learn. According to many players, Minecraft Java Edition runs incredibly on Steam Deck. The best thing is that it’s a family-friendly game, suitable for all players with all different skill levels. So it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, it’s a perfect game that keeps you coming back for more.

Status: Verified - Release Date: 23 January 2023 - Time To Beat: 6-40 hours - Active Players: 4.4K

Enjoy a Captivating 2D Platformer on Steam Deck

It’s a delightful game that comes with a unique and entertaining experience on Steam Deck. It’s a 2D platformer that is inspired by the Wario Land Series. Due to its quirky characters, charming visuals, and addictive gameplay, more and more players are giving positive reviews. You begin the game as a pizza delivery boy named Peppino and as the game progresses you have to face a lot of challenging levels, obstacles, and puzzles. You can use a Metroid-y Shinepark to rocket upward, clamber up sheer cliff faces, do a wall jump, and more.

Status: Verified - Release Date: 26 January 2023 - Time To Beat: 11-53 hours - Active Players: 2M

Unleash Your Inner Beatmaster on Steam Deck

This is one of the best games of 2023 for the Steam Deck. The combination of bright cell-shaded art style and music makes this game look fantastic. You will see vibrant visuals, and experience energetic beats, and simple mechanics. It pushes you to attack, shoot enemies, collect power-ups, and dodge on the beat. As Hi-Fi Rush is optimized for the Steam Deck, you will have a smooth performance and can enjoy the without any technical errors.

Status: Verified - Release Date: 10 February 2016 - Time To Beat: 4-5 hours - Active Players: 17.5K

Play the Captivating Game Firewatch on Steam Deck

Playing Firewatch is a breathtaking adventure journey. It’s a comparatively small game with superb characterization and dialogue. You will experience a wonderful atmosphere in every situation and feel like it’s happening to you. For around 4 to 5 hours, you will step into the hiking boots of a chubby man with a beard, named Henry. Don’t worry! I won’t spoil the rest of the mystery and fun! You must play this game and experience the incredible.

Status: Verified - Release Date: 11 February 2023 - Time To Beat: 26-66 hours - Active Players: 72.5K

Step into the Enchanting World of Hogwarts on Steam Deck

This game is an open-world RPG set in the land of Harry Potter. As a player, you can explore Hogwarts in the 1800s and discover master spells, magical beasts, craft potions, and more. The developers at Avalanche Software have put a lot of effort into developing this gorgeous RPG that fully satisfies the dreams of many people regarding this cultural phenomenon. You will surely love the visuals, artistic design, and beautifully crafted magical spells.

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