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Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Steam Deck Gameplay

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin doesn't work out of the box on Steam Deck, you need a specific command line argument and GE-Proton version to get up and running, and even then you are only going to be getting 30 FPS.

Thanks to SDHQ for tweeting the additional command line required to get this up and running

Command Line Needed:

WINEDLLOVERRIDES=“amd_ags_x64=b” %command% 

You will also need GE-Proton 7-54 to have all of your cut scenes working as well.

Ignore the tutorial section looking horrible, the rest of the game looks pretty good on the following settings beyond that point:

  • Borderless 1280x720

  • Low Settings Preset

  • FPS in-game and Steam Deck at 30 FPS

  • Motion Blur Off

  • Screen-Space Reflections off

  • FSR Off

  • Model Resolution scaling 80%

  • Chromatic Abriation off

As an extra, under general settings, turn the short soul burst animation on for smoother gameplay and battles.

If you need to install GE-Proton you can check out our video guide below

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