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Steam OS 3.4 is here

Steam OS 3.4 is finally here, but it's not without it's issues, we have covered this in a Video guide to show the best of the new update and some of the issues to look out for

You can also check out the top points below for those interested:

Rebased SteamOS on a newer snapshot of Arch Linux

  • This includes recent changes to KDE Plasma, Steam Deck's Desktop Mode. Full notes on these updates can be found on KDE's website here, here, and here. Here are a few of the highlights:


  • Fixed issues with sleep affecting a small number of titles, where specific games would be frozen or exhibit glitchy behavior after waking up

  • Fixed a performance issue that could cause 100ms hitches during gameplay if adaptive backlight was enabled

  • Fixed a graphics driver crash when interacting with the map in DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR'S CUT

  • Fixed issue with opening file managers if the gamescope session has been restarted

  • New firmware for Docking Station

    • Fixes an issue where HDMI 2.0 displays are not detected during wake or boot up

Performance profiles

  • New option to allow Screen Tearing: at the cost of sometimes displaying partial frames

  • Changed performance HUD level 2 to use a horizontal layout. It fits in the letterbox space for games running in a 16:9 aspect ratio.


  • Re-enabled TRIM for the internal drive as well as supported external storage devices, improving write performance

  • Added an eject option for removable drives in Settings → Storage

    • This unmounts the removable drive, it does not physically eject it

  • External drives formatted as ext4 are now automatically mounted and available for use in Steam


  • Disabled kernel DualShock 4 and DualSense trackpad → mouse emulation when Steam is running

  • Fixed input issues with apps such as Street Fighter V, EA app

  • Fixed Steam Input's action set switching based on cursor visibility in Game mode

  • Added support for the 8BitDo Ultimate Wireless controller dongle

  • Fixed a USB crash when using certain controllers such as the Hori Fighting Stick α


  • Fixed a case where the default audio device would display "echo-cancel-sink" and audio controls would cease to work correctly


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