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Steam Deck's 1-Year Anniversary Sale

With the Steam Deck being a Year old, Valve has launched a special Steam Deck sale with 10% off all Steam Decks during the Spring Sale, they have even created a special birthday video

On top of the Steam Deck sale, you can now buy Startup movies on the Steam Store with your Steam points, they have created 20 videos for you to choose from to kick things off which you can find here.

You can always still use the Decky Loader and access the library of free Startup movies there if you want to. If you haven't come across decky loader and the awesome plugins available for your Steam Deck, you can check out our guide below:

On top of the amazing Steam Sale and the Startup movies, Valve has also highlighted the top 100 games played on Steam, unfortunately they are not on sale, but a vast majority of them are.

You can see the full list of top 100 games on Steam Deck here

As well as the top 100 games for Steam Deck, be sure to check out the Great on Deck portion of the Spring Sale here

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