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Steam Deck News Update 1.6.23

Updated: Jan 9

The Steam Deck has had a great start to the new year after an awesome end to 2023 after hitting 13,000 games now playable and verified, with 75 of the top 100 most-played Steam games now in that list.

In December 2023, the top 20 games on Steam Deck showcased a diverse mix of genres. "Baldur's Gate 3" received high praise and was the headline game on the list. The Steam Deck showed its capabilities by featuring 12 AAA high-end games, while also supporting a wide variety of indie games, including "Dave the Diver" and others. It's fascinating to see how players leveraged the Steam Deck to enjoy both AAA and indie titles, demonstrating its versatility and appeal.

If you are looking at grabbing some extra games, there are some awesome bundle deals available.

The OG Outright Games Bundle on Humble Bundle includes games such as DC Justice League and Star Trek Prodigy, offering a great mix for fans of outright games.

Fanatical is hosting the January 2024 bundle deal, where you can create your own bundles from various games, such as Sniper Elite 5, with bundles of up to seven games available for just $20.

Fanatical bundle link here

Humble Bundle link here

The Steam Deck's game library breakdown was hugely celebrated. Out of the 13,000 games, 4,355 are Verified, 8,751 are Playable, although 3,720 are unsupported, this shows a significant expansion since its initial launch.

This is still only around 1/4 of the vast Steam library, but it is a testament to the growing support from developers and the community, making the Steam Deck an increasingly popular choice for gamers.

This surge in compatibility suggests a bright future for the handheld PC gaming market. The proactive efforts from developers to optimize games for the Steam Deck are pivotal in this success, highlighting the platform's potential to revolutionize PC gaming.

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