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Steam Deck News Roundup: Nonsteamlauncher update, Helldivers 2 Issues, Next Fest & More

Welcome to another Steam Deck News round-up. We have another update to Nonsteamlauncher, the Steam Deck Client Beta got an update. Next Fest has started on the Steam Store and Helldivers 2 seems to be struggling to run on the Steam Deck. You can watch the video format here

NonSteamLauncher Update

NonsteamLauncher has received a noteworthy update, enhancing its capability to scan and integrate games from the EA app, GOG, Battlenet, and Amazon Games into Steam. This development simplifies the process of consolidating one's game library, making it more convenient to access a diverse range of titles through a single interface. You can down this here.

Steam Deck Client Beta

Steam Deck beta client has been updated, introducing a variety of improvements. These updates address issues related to popup menus and dialogues, refine the functionality of the Steam Input feature, and make significant adjustments to gyro calibration and controller support. Such enhancements are indicative of Valve's ongoing commitment to refining the Steam Deck's user interface and compatibility features, ensuring a smoother, more intuitive gaming experience. You can check out the changelogs here.

Next Fest

Another highlight is the ongoing Next Fest on the Steam store, an event that offers gamers the opportunity to discover and try out new game demos. This initiative underscores Steam's role as a platform for showcasing emerging games, providing developers with a valuable avenue for exposure while offering gamers a glimpse into the latest innovations in gaming.

However, it's not all smooth sailing in the realm of gaming technology. You can check out Next Fest here

Helldivers 2

A persistent challenge that has reemerged is the issue of anti-cheat compatibility, particularly with the Steam Deck. Recent reports have spotlighted a major release that is incompatible with the Steam Deck due to anti-cheat restrictions, echoing past concerns with titles like FIFA. The anti-cheat issue remains a significant hurdle, underscoring the need for continued efforts to ensure that all gamers can fully utilize their hardware without restrictions. As the gaming community looks forward, it remains to be seen how these challenges will be addressed and what new advancements will emerge to enhance the gaming experience on platforms like the Steam Deck. As of right now, it seems like the Helldivers 2 is struggling with this issue running on the Steam Deck.

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