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Steam Deck News Round Up: Android On Deck, Steam Deck OLED Wifi Fix, & More!

Welcome to another Steam Deck news round up. In today's round up we have an update to Emulation Station, Baldur's Gate 3 gets a huge patch, there's a fix to the Wi-Fi issues with the Steam Deck OLED, there's a new method to run Android on the Steam Deck, Steam 0S 3.5 Preview got an update, finally there's an awesome Fanatical Bundle.

First up, a significant update from Emulation Station. The platform has rebranded from "Emulation Station De" to "Emulation ES-DE." This update isn't just cosmetic; it introduces a new splash screen and new application data directories. As an avid user of Emulation Station, I'm thrilled to see these continuous improvements and recommend checking them out if you're into emulation. To find out more about this you can check out the link here:

In gaming news, "Baldur's Gate 3" has received Patch 6, a major update bringing quality of life improvements, bug fixes, and even a touch of romance. As a game I've enjoyed and recommended, this update is especially exciting and is also a welcome enhancement for Steam Deck users. You can check out all that comes with the changes here:

For those with a Steam Deck OLED experiencing Wi-Fi issues, there's good news. A community member, CryroByte 33, has discovered a fix. While I haven't had Wi-Fi problems with my Steam Deck, this solution could be a game-changer for those affected. It's impressive to see community members stepping up to address issues. You can watch his video here:

Turning to Android integration with the Steam Deck, a new method involves a Micro SD card and a dual-boot setup. I haven't tested this myself yet, but plan to give it a try. This comes from a youtuber giving us a guide on how to do this. This seems to work well, but some big android games are still not supported using this. You can watch the video and guide here.

Steam OS 3.5 Preview Update is also rolling out, bringing further improvements, notably to "Persona 3 Reloaded." With the frequent updates we've been seeing, it's a good time to check if your games are running optimally on the Steam Deck. You can check out the show notes here:

Finally, there's an awesome Fanatical Bundle Sale – the "Killer Very Positive Edition."This bundle brings some impressive games that run great on the Steam Deck. You can check out that bundle here:


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